Preschool Letter Recognition Activities - Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters using paper cups, and lots of other fun activities.

Preschool Letter Recognition Activities

Find the Letter & Swat It!  Since there is no benefit to young children knowing letter names, I'd use letter sounds {phonograms} instead!

Find the Letter & Swat It! Active Way for Learning Letters!

Find the Letter & Swat It! game, inspired by new Play with Purpose App! So excited Wise Wise [hands on : as we grow] came up with this fun letter learning game.

Alphabet Activity: Apple Tree Letter Matching - #PlayfulPreschool

Apple Alphabet Activity: Apple Tree Letter Matching

This fun apple alphabet activity works on literacy skills and fine motor skills with a simple letter matching activity and the use of stickers. It's a great learning activity for an apple themed preschool week!

I like these mosaics..I did some this year with Kindergarten with square pieces but didn't allow the kids to leave space between them...I really like these ones on black paper!

Paper mosaic initials - great way to use up leftover paper scraps! I am feeling an end of the year craft lesson :)

Printable alphabet Q-Tip painting printables for preschoolers

Printable Q-Tip Painting: The Alphabet

A few weeks ago, we decided to change things up a bit and stray from our usual Do-A-Dot printables. Painting numbers with Q-Tips turned out to be such a fu

Lego letters

Lego learning games - exploring Lego and play dough. This is a great activity for sensory play, imaginative play, letter recognition and sight words. (*idea- use long thin legos as "big lines" & short thin legos as "little lines" to make HWOT letters

Alphabet Activities For 3 year olds - No Time For Flash Cards

Alphabet Activities For 3 year olds

Sensory bottles: seek and find alphabet letters. Alphabet Activities For 3 year olds - No Time For Flash Cards

Fun and memorable activity to enhance student sight words skills. Teacher can say a word and students will swat the word mentioned by the teacher. This is a great form of assessment, to assess students knowledge about the different sight words.

Literacy centers - the first six months sight word swat as a literacy centre. Dollar tree has giant fly swatters!