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step by step instructions to draw an anime character's face in four different ways
| 1000 - Modern
a pencil drawing of a boy raising his arm
three young boys sitting next to each other with their faces drawn in pencil on paper Kawaii, My Hero Academia, Boku No Hero Academia, Hero Academia Characters
The 𝕊𝕞𝕦𝕘 French Girl (MHA/BNHA ~ Shinso x OC)
After a major accident in Paris caused by herself, she's now never al… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad
a man sitting on top of a couch with his hands in his pockets and looking at the camera Cute Anime Guys, Cute Anime Character, Manhwa, Animé, Haikyuu, Cute
Izuku Midoriya scenarios ( UNDER EDITING )
Anime Tattoos, Chibi
a drawing of a guy with his arms crossed
Izuku es una P&%#$
an anime character with green hair and blue shorts Anime Guys, Avatar, Anime, Anime Wolf, Anime Boy, Anime Eyes
an anime character with green hair and gloves Fan Art, My Hero Academia Episodes
sadzking / leo on Twitter
a drawing of an anime character with black and white hair Animation
Horikoshi's Drawing of Deku in Jump Festa 2019! | My Hero Academia