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DIY Yarn String Easter Basket 2

DIY Yarn String Easter Basket

DIY Easter Egg Basket

DIY Easter Egg Basket from Thread 2 more refined design version of old string egg:


Easter Basket out of Yarn String M Wonderful DIY Yarn String Easter Basket

Easter is coming! Have you started to make some Easter decorations for your home?  Here is a super cute idea to make an egg shaped basket from thread. Instead of using a balloon as the mold, it uses an egg shaped Styrofoam ball. You may use different colors of threads to make colorful …

DIY Easter Egg Basket from Thread

Easter+is+coming!+Have+you+started to+make+some+Easter+decorations+for+your+home?+ Here+is+a+super+cute+idea to+make+an+egg+shaped+basket+from+thread.+Instead+of+using+a+balloon+as+the+mold,+it+uses+an+egg+shaped+Styrofoam ball.


Recycled painted cans, gives instructions and pattern for bunny head and nose, cute idea for Easter

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