Homestead playroom

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there are two beds and a couch in this room with bookshelves on the wall
Office Murphy bed
a wooden desk topped with lots of toys and storage containers next to a wall mounted art piece
11 Brilliant Ways Parents Use IKEA's Trofast Storage System | Hunker
How to Design an Indoor Playspace: A Step-by-Step Guide
two children climbing up the stairs in their room with storage bins on each side
Ladder into steps - IKEA Hackers
two children are playing with toys on the floor in a playroom, one is jumping over a bench
an organized playroom with lots of toys and storage bins on the floor next to a wall that says laugh play create
Playroom Goals - bamboo plaques $59
there are many toys on the table in this playroom, and it's easy to set up
Boys Playroom Storage
a paper doll house with a red and white striped roof