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Newman's Commedia Mask Company handmakes leather performace masks for Commedia Dell'Arte characters such as Arlecchino and Brighella.

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exaggerated feature masks -- pick one feature to keep normal in order to give the face "reality" as well as absurdity


Arlechino is a servant, a trickster and a clown. The actor playing the Arlechino mask is often a skilled acrobat. The Arlechino 2 commedia mask combines the energy of the cat and the monkey.


Arlecchino is a servant and a clown. Commedia mask combines the energy of a cat, monkey and sloth

Pantalone mask

I chose this because it gives off a rather different perspective of Pantalone than what we see. He seems more gleeful to be greedy, like he just made a large withdrawal from the bank.

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Shapeshifter Masks: Leather Dragon Helmets and Masks by maskmaker Duncan Eagleson.