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Mednyánszky Liza
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excuse me but can I be you for a while, nidotortle said: tips on drawing from different...

“ nidotortle said: tips on drawing from different perspectives or trying to draw specific poses? I need help pls ; ” when it comes to specific poses I try to first draw the most basic shapes and.

Mara always wore her in a ponytail because she didn't really have access to a shower

Next time you find yourself out and about listening to music on your headphones- you might just be serving as inspiration for one of Yanni Floros' ill.

Tiny Painting of a Tiny Girl with a Tiny Fox. ... - Mai Likes Pie!

ohmaipie: “ Tiny Painting of a Tiny Girl with a Tiny Fox. Can’t decide if I like gouache over watercolor? (I was sketching this and was like “damn, I drew another random girl holding a cute.

Usually I share my WIPs more on my social media sites, but just to keep you all updated I thought I would share a recent work in progress.. Its another piece of my "Nature is Crying" series. Hope y...

I am proud to reveal this large marker drawing completed with help from my new Winsor & Newton Pigment markers. Thank you Winsor & Newton for sending me these I love the blending capa.