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a pink and blue toothbrush sitting on top of a wooden table next to a price label
Beaded Number Rods
Using Beaded Number Rods to help kids visualize addition/subtraction. (Free number toppers, flashcards and tips/ideas.)
a snowman poem with an image of a bunny in the corner and text that reads,
First Grade Wow
I did this poem in 1981 while I was in Pre-school for our school program!! Can't believe I just found this on here :-)
a frog poem with the words i have a little frog
Frog and Toad
I have a little frog poem/printable (other great printables too!)
the fairy tale song is shown with an image of a wand and stars on it
First Grade Wow: Cinderella
a stamp with an image of a pen on it and the words, she's braining words with shei silversten
"Shel" ebrating Words!
"Shel" ebrating Words! With Shel Silverstein (from First Grade Wow; free)
a black and white poster with the words poetry power, powerful points in puny packages
Poetry Power
Poetry Power- Powerful Points in Puny Packages! I finally had time to put all my poetry documents into one "package." I use a lot of poetry throughout the year in my classroom. Poetry is such a fantastic way to introduce new vocabulary or concepts,
a bulletin board with the words, if you can spell and crab you can spell
Chunk Spelling
How we use "chunk spelling" to make differentiated spelling lists for our students and why we don't use Words Their Way for spelling homework. Free downloads for using chunk spelling in your class. // Second Story Window
three children holding up cut outs with numbers and letters on them in front of a table
Team {word} Building!
Freebie Word building activity--Team (word) building!
a table topped with lots of paper plates filled with food and writing on top of it
Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits
Literacy station ideas. toss the pom-pom into the muffin tin. Read the word family on which the pom-pom lands. Write a word from the word family on a paper. Continue as time allows. Could work for older kids using prefixes and suffixes - maybe on dice?
word family snowball toss game for toddlers to play with the letters and numbers
Word Family Snowball Toss
Word Family Activity that includes kinesthetic learning for kids who love to move!
the missing parts worksheet for numbers 1 - 10 with pictures and words on it
February Math & ELA Printables
Common Core Crunch - February