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Sad Angel by useless girl

Graphite/charcoal used. Artist Hernan Marin(collection men and nature) Week 1 illustration. The use of shading without uses a outline creates a ghost like feels. Creating illusion and mystery.

you might be a monster

♥ Hades and Persephone . - watercolors by agnes-cecile on DeviantArt

Digital Art inspiration

Mario S. Nevado (aka Aegis Strife) created a striking photo manipulation. Called Deliberation, it was of a stunning statue in incredible distress as she's burning up from within.

My head is a jungle!

Artist: Januz Miralles {contemporary female head abstraction woman face portrait mixed media b w grunge painting drips}

A beauty from Milan Italy, amazing work from Gaia

"For a minute there I lost myself" by Gaia Alari aka Marie-Esther

Agnes Cecile

the water workshop I Art Print by Agnes-Cecile. This is beautiful!

eyes by Agnes-cecile

Stunning paintings by Silvia Pelissero, an Italian artist best known as agnes-cecile. A nice splash of color in the heart.

Click to enlarge image silvia pelissero a.k.a. agnes cecile 1[4].jpg

my opinion about you by Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile on DeviantArt

Depression: "This was inspired by depression and the effect it has on people, it's a subject that's very close to my heart and I feel very passionate about it. So I created this image almost to try and explain depression to someone who has never experienced it or can not understand the effects it has on people."

Tired and sad eyes