At the bottom of a shadowy lane, the little house still stands, although, long since abandoned. Over the years it has gained a spooky reputation. People unfortunate enough to have to pass by, especially at night, report hearing strange voices and even stranger music coming from inside, and gaslights have been seen burning on dark, winter nights. Shadowy figures often appear standing at, or looking out from behind dark windows, watching the passers-by. And yet, no living being occupies the…

This spooky house is strangely beautiful to me.I guess I just see beauty in places where others do not :)

Amazing abandoned house

Abandoned house-- gorgeous architecture check out that wood work!

Derelict Door with Bike; Who was the last person to ride this bike, and why did they leave it there?

Imagine... | Beautiful historic places | writing inspiration

This is an abandoned manor house in England. To see this once grand beauty slowly decaying is so sad. Look at the tremendous carved oak banister, tall casement windows, and domed ceiling window. I'd love to move in and restore it this is beautiful

Dance in an abandoned gazebo. Garden in Quinta Regaleira Palace / Sintra, Portugal

Light through the windows

abandoned house in France - I would love to know the stories behind it. Why does someone just leave a beautiful place to ruins? Urban by ~grigjr Photography / Architecture / Interior ~grigjr Some of my urban exploration shot. More on [link]

.Fascinating picture. If those old walls could talk, what stories would they tell? Wander the corridors of a vintage theater and a Victorian mansion in my inspirational thriller, "The Face Behind the Veil."

Pinner said: Holy Crap! I have fought in this exact same place in Left 4 Dead The southern mansion.

abandonedography: Alessio Albi

wanderthewood: by Alessio Albi ~Mysterious Places~ nature reclaiming

Abandoned Chateau | by kleiner hobbit

Chateau du Loup by kleiner uRbEx hobbit. I'd like to salvage that gorgeous window!


Abandoned In time - Abandoned. Village in Scotland! Oh how I would love to go and walk thru this place.Looks like a film set to me.

The lost garden gate.............   ................................♥...Nims...♥

Abandoned home What a beautiful wrought iron gate.would make a great garden gate. What a waste.

Maison St Cyr, Brussels (1903) by Gustave Strauven

incredible and unique shaped windows on this abandoned green house/conservatory

Abandoned castle urbex Belgium

Abandoned castle urbex Belgium Great place for a shoot!

Charmed Vigilance - Novel

Abandoned home What a beautiful wrought iron gate.would make a great garden gate. What a waste.

overgrown feral garden. -  that word to describe a cottage garden!  huzzah!

Abandoned home What a beautiful wrought iron gate.would make a great garden gate. What a waste.

abandoned mansion by carter flynn

Abandoned Mansion, Beirut by craigfinlay, read the story and see more photos of the belongings left behind. The Prime Minister of Lebanon used to live here and probably abandoned it it during their Civil War -