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an orange background with green leaves and the words bali proska nagypaa
a black and white cat with hearts around it
some emoticions that are all over the place in front of a yellow background
an orange with the words'20 evel ezeklott eleg volt egyet sohannonn, hoy minden feri ramen most ken
two smiley faces with the words happy eyes vagy? 30 - dehat 10 eve is
a blue background with the words vannak olyann napok, amikor az ember esupa
a yellow background with lots of smiley faces and the words happy birthday in different languages
an advertisement with many emoticions on the side of it that says, mi az? piros es art a fogak?????? kismeretti tegla
a black and white drawing of a keyboard
a bunch of grapes with leaves on the top and bottom, in black and white
Flower free icons designed by Freepik
the worksheet for adding flowers to each other
Tulip Picture Addition Math Worksheet | Kindergarten math worksheets addition, Preschool math worksheets, Kindergarten math worksheets
the printable worksheet for children to practice their spelling skills and writing numbers
Ország, város, fiú, lány... játék
Ország, város, fiú, lány... játék - MACIS GYAKORLÓ