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oh GD <3

the many hairstyles of G-Dragon that are all awesome! Only GD can pull some of these styles off. Tbh the only one I really don't like is the bowl cut.

Miyavi -- 2005 and 2008 are my favorites :) After 2009 I lost my interest in him...

We're the CoMYVz Crew! A small 雅-MIYAVI- translation team trying to unite all of us 子雅/MYV CREW. Accepting translation requestsWorld Peace Through Music

Miyavi with his family :)~~~with the wife and kids....oh look how cute they are!!! i remember reading the first post when was expecting his first daughter....sooo cute! they look like mom.

Miyavi Jewelie Aoi Ishihara Photos: 'Unbroken' Premieres in Hollywood — Part 4

WAKIZASHI MOMOYAMA, Sword : 16th Century; Steel, iron, gold, lacquer #japanese #japan

WAKIZASHI MOMOYAMA "Tachi" Sword, Century Japan Steel, iron, gold, lacquer : This the most elegant of weapons over a thousand years of deadly perfection of art and war craft.