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an orange and yellow butterfly wing painted on wood
A butterfly serves to remind us that life is short. 🦋💜 . . . #butterfly #butterflies #butterflyart #butterflywings #nature #natureart… | Instagram
a hand holding up a piece of wood with blue flowers on it and yellow centers
Forget-Me-Not Flowers String Art by Knot Really Art
a piece of art that looks like a llama on a wooden surface with white walls
Llama •hilorama •string art •
Making of Llama String Art
Making of a Cactus String Art Sign
A behind the scenes look into the stringing of a cactus string art sign. Head to my Etsy to order yours today!
a wooden cutout of a cat sitting on top of a shelf next to a potted plant
Gato com fios
a person holding up a piece of wood with orange flowers on it
Poppy String Art by Knot Really Art
Poppy string art design in red by Knot Really Art. Custom made art using nails and string in the shape of four poppy flowers. Get more inspiration from Knot Really Art at Handcrafted in Ontario, Canada. Designs are creative property of Knot Really Art.