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Daria Milky, Photo #85645 - Kendam

Photo of the model Daria Milky, work More pictures of Daria Milky and other models from Moscow Russia on Kendam.

Die, die, die,  die

Thee whom have committed such crimes shall punish along with the fiery wrath with whom wishes not to cross along the lines of horrendous fires that represent the anger of those who care for such books. That is we, including I, a loyal bookworm.

Can we just talk about the fact that Nico is wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt from Black Parade? Now that I've seen this you can't tell me that Nico doesn't have a stash of Banch Merch.

Percy Jackson, leo valdez and Nico di angelo OMG

I like died laughing.sorry>>>>Oh no its okay ill just sit here CRYING!How are we to ever defeat Kronos if all we do is fight?>>>>>deal with it -_<<<<< and they are all all of them. All three are heRos, jokers, and broken

Such a dramatically beautiful picture of Tobi....

Such a dramatically beautiful picture of Tobi.People keep on telling me to call him Obito, but I had already guessed who he was when I first saw him. So if he is wearing the mask, he is Tobi. End of discussion.