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Peace & Love
"Flower Painting Original Wall Art 18 x 24 Floral Purple" - Acrylic On Cotton Ragg Paper, in Floral and Flower Paintings by Catherine Jeltes. $225.00 original art painting.
by Milind Mulick
Ilya Ibryaev Beautiful effect of light simplicity. Try this to try not to "overwork" your paintings.:
Drawing tutorial for trees.  Please also visit for colorful inspirational Prophetic Art and stories. Thank you so much! Blessings!
These beautiful drops of water in the end who is painting? Able to draw such works must have a soft clarity of heart  这些美丽的水珠到底是谁画的?能够画出这样作品的人,一定有着一颗柔软澄澈的心。
Watercolor Paintings lance johnson | Black-capped chickadee by Lance Johnson
by Ilya Ibryaev
I think this is a Manchurian Crane - Lithograph from Watercolor by Karl Mårtens - Litografier « Edition Vulfovitch
David Tripp