black cat

Like my first cat. She used to climb everywhere. Even on the balcony and we lived on the top floor.

Black Cat Art Painting PRINT Watercolor Rachel Parker rachelsstudio Artist Artwork. $25.00, via Etsy.

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kosh by ~igaros on deviantART

Since I love cats but an seriously allergic, I'm considering getting one. Maybe one with brown splotches. I think I'll name him Rorschach.

Painting of black cat. Francois Knopf

Made by: Francois Knopf - (Black Cat, the background is done beautiful; the book becomes a cornfield)


chelseamix: do-nothing: toshied: yuichibass: gutarin: onaniena: pedalfar: : Photo by Photographer Pino Buongiorno - pho.