Black and white photography cat

I really like black and white photos. This photo is definatly something I would take because it has animals and it's black and white.

Black Cat Art Painting PRINT Watercolor Rachel Parker rachelsstudio Artist Artwork. $25.00, via Etsy.

Black Cat Art Painting PRINT Watercolor painting Rachel Parker rachelsstudio Artist Artwork Custom hand painted handmade huge large big

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Painting of black cat. Francois Knopf

Made by: Francois Knopf - (Black Cat, the background is done beautiful; the book becomes a cornfield)


chelseamix: do-nothing: toshied: yuichibass: gutarin: onaniena: pedalfar: : Photo by Photographer Pino Buongiorno - pho.


La vida detrás de una cámara

Outside the doorway we find the most intense of all the light colors, it almost is purely white. This intensity when matched up with the most intensely dark cat in the picture, makes the cat stand out and be the focal point.

Many cats paintings. A Cats Life

Many cats paintings. Pollyanna Pickering - A Cats Life. My Favorite chair has cats on it .