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a man sitting on top of a cement wall next to water
an old man is holding his hand up in front of him with the caption that reads, fettunit mar, hoy raki, aki lassabran
Feltűnt már ..? :)
a man with long hair and glasses making the peace sign
a black and white photo of a man pointing to the side with his finger up
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a green background with an image of a leaf
a woman in high heels standing next to a wall with the words hogy csak on it
Szerintem mindketten ismerünk ilyen embert
a woman sitting in the driver's seat of a car
a red sports car parked in front of a building with the caption's words above it
a black and white photo with the words in russian
a snowy mountain with the words, lehelt hoy a hegy magas,