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Réka Mészáros

Réka Mészáros
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14 gorgeous bookmarks that would make perfect gifts.

Sleep is Good Books are Better Bookmark - Laser Engraved Alder Wood - Book Mark Sleep is Good Books are Better Bookmark Laser by JuniperandIvy Not a book, but it's a necessity

Rachel Green had 90s fashion on point.

Rachel Green had fashion on point. I remember this outfit so clearly with the high socks, plaid skirt, and turtleneck. I do not see the high socks yet today but the plaid skirt and turtleneck are seen and still just as fashionable.

Rock out with rock. Oh really?

Though it wasn't this same brand, my childhood cassette Walkman was pretty much the exact same shade of red.

Sony Walkman, Ha, I don't know HOW many of these things I went through in my time, but it was A LOt! The ipod of the past.

Original Sony Walkman from 1979 - used cassette tape but allowed us to listen to music on the move.my dad bought me the original.I thought I was so bad ass at the time.