Adalbertina Meszretov

Adalbertina Meszretov

Adalbertina Meszretov
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How to cure writer's block fast with these proven tips used and tested by writers. Beat writer's block and boost your creative ideas to make your writing better than ever.

Tolkien’s 10 Tips For Writers - Writers Write

Writing tips from Tolkien. I've never read any of his books but this is great advice. I take number 8 to heart all the time. Everyone in my life is going to end up in a novel at some point.

Creating Credible Female Villains

Creating Credible Female Villains -note to self use this for the blue war. Also, borderline personality disorder is rarely done right I books, and is a cop-out. I know people with bpd and they are not villains, just difficult to understand.