~Autumn. Bakony,  Hungary by Mark Borbely~

magnoliajones: Tóparti dallamok / Lakeside Melodies by Márk Borbély



"Wolf Moon" by Tamas Ladanyi

Rising of the Wolf Moon behind the hazy trees of Bakony mountainous region in Veszprem county of Hungary.

Bakony (István Ponty)

Bakony (István Ponty)

Snow covered Bakony by markborbely on deviantART

Photo Snowy Tales by Márk Borbély on

.(Ponty István)

Arch by István Ponty

"A Spring Night of Bakony" by Tamas Ladanyi (TWAN)

The Milky Way and a streaking meteor is photographed over spring landscape of Bakony, a mountainous region in the north of Lake Balaton, Hungary.