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an abstract painting with many different colors and patterns on it's surface, including flowers
a bathroom with a green wall and rug on the shower curtain next to the toilet
Metallic strie done in multiple Modern Master's metallic paints with a Cutting Edge stencil. Work by Tiffany Alexander of Blank Canvas Design Studio.
an ornate design is painted on the side of a wooden door with rust and green paint
Raised plaster relief/copper patina Denver, Colorado, by Cindy Norris
the wall paper has been stenciled with green flowers
Portfauxlio Inc, offers faux finishing, venetian plastering, professional painting, and decorative art services in Manhattan and New Jersey.
A Pattern in Metallics over Venetian Plaster | Modern Masters | Project by Aliya Riaz
an old fashioned wallpaper with many different colors
an elegant bathroom with chandelier and marble floors
interior design package includes Majlis designs, Dining area designs, living rooms designs Bathroom designs, and Bedrooms designs .discover our luxury designs
an old wall with two different designs on it
Pescado Panel Stencil
Classic European, Spanish, Italian Wall Mural Art Stencils - Royal Design Studio
a large painting on display in a room
Custom patterns and stencils for etching, faux painting, embossing, sandblasting, stenciling walls, plaster, glass, concrete and wood
Modello® designs Modern Allover Vinyl Stencil (ModAll100) with rich plaster colors and metallics | Stenciled Canvas Art by RE Fuller Designs
an orange and black wallpaper with ornate designs
Stenciled Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Finish | "Iron Lady" Technique by Royal Design Studio
a bed sitting next to a wall with a painting on it
Design Inspiration. Planet Stencil Library.
The lace, the colours, it's beautiful!
an old wooden cabinet with glass doors and carvings on the front, against a white background - Melange Coralie Display Cabinet Top - Storage Chests
a wooden door with white designs on it
On the Road: Italy
Stenciled kitchen door panel
two decorative panels on the side of a building with gold and black designs hanging from it's sides
Wonderful stenciled panel wall by @Gracie Reed using one of our Hearst Castle vinyl stencils