Cute couple costume! Hahahaha! Piñata! @brandonmarin26

9 Couples' Costumes That Kind of Make Us Cringe

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Great for Scarlett we call her the energizer bunny! Great Energizer Bunny Costume: DIY with Duct Tape! Maybe I can get some ideas for next year!

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13 Funny Couples Costumes That Are Hilariously Brilliant

Halloween is the perfect holiday for couples to bond, and plus, a two person costume is twice as awesome. Enjoy these DIY funny couples costumes!

One of the most famous almost-but-not-quite couples of the '90s, this cute cartoon duo warmed the hearts of kids and adults alike. The best part of these costumes is how comfy they are — and totally simple to assemble. See more at She Knows » What you'll need: yellow wig ($14,, blue miniskirt ($9 and up,, green sweater vest ($10 and up,

55+ Genius Couples Costumes for Halloween 2017