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Sanctuary: BELLOCQ

Find an antique teacup and make it your special cup for tea. Enjoy the ritual of brewing your favorite fragrant loose tea. Collect different teas. Drink with full attention.

Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (24 Photos)

Summer sun outfit: blue jean shorts, sheer long sleeve top and hat

Gems, Rings, & Things <3

reminds me o fPirates of the Caribbean or something! :P hair pirate ring bracelet fashion pretty girl hipster hot gypsy gypsy soul boho

Body Form shape, colour

Body Form shape, colour

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made: “ “ “Gorgeous Gretha”, circa late Photographer : Joe Chaves Makeup : Adrian Alvarado Hair : Adrian Alvarado ( Source : Bellazon ) ” Happy Where.

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Harley Davidson ad renews old idea that women become sexualized when they straddle anything--a motorcycle, a bike, a horse, etc.--because a woman's parted legs always suggest sex. Keep those knees open, ladies!