To hold in a caring way.
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an old black and white photo of a woman with a child on her back, wearing a fur coat
Inuit mother with baby
Inuit woman. Glenbow Museum, Canada.
a dog is laying down with its head on the person's shoulder and his eyes closed
A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself
an older man holding a young boy in his arms and the child is sleeping on top of him
Khoi San
a drawing of a woman holding a baby in her arms and wearing a white headdress
Charleston Museum
Etching, Maum Tina, by Elizabeth O'Neill Verner. Charleston Museum
two raccoons are sitting on some rocks
by your side...
Lemurs by Manny Estrella
a person sitting on the ground with their feet up in front of a chalk drawing
Image by an Iraqi artist taken in an orphanage. This little girl has never seen her mother, so she drew a mom on the ground and fell asleep with her.
two young children standing next to each other in front of a cloudy sky with clouds
a man holding a baby in front of some dry grass and trees with his face painted
Silbo and His Boy
Karo Tribe . Omo Valley, Ethiopia
an image of a woman and two children sleeping on a bed with flowers in the background
Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt
two polar bears cuddle together in an enclosure
Polar bear snuggles
a woman is holding a baby in her arms while wearing a purple scarf and pink shawl
Babywearing Mommy
Mother and child around the world.
a woman holding a baby wrapped in a brown cloth and wearing an orange necktie
Bodi Tribe, Hana Mursi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Bodi Tribe, Hana Mursi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia
an image of a baby gorilla being held by its mother
Gorilla kiss