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Don’t Believe in Nephilim? You Will After This: Photos, Top-Secret FBI Documents and More Mind-Blowing Information…(this photo is fake lol)

Mysterious figure circled in red

20 Real Ghost Pictures To Keep You Up at Night

The Ghost

This has been lightened to make it easier to see. View the original.

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Ghost on steps at Chillingham Castle. I thought this was faked at first but it's been examined by photo experts and it has not been altered.

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The ghost of Judith still loved to dance on the lawn as much as she had when she came there as Richard's third bride.

Cemetery Trio uploaded in Figures and faces: Taken on a clear evening around PM In NS Canada. We saw the three images in this photo in front of.

Cemetery Trio - Figures and faces - Gallery

Cemetery Trio

Gettysburg National Military Park is one of the most haunted places in America. If not the most haunted place. Thousands and thousands of men.

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Scariest Ghosts Caught on Camera

Ghost In The Woods. This makes me very sad. I feel like he was just dumped in the woods, and this is his spirit--- looking soo lost. - Shop for over 300,000 Premium Domains

Vintage Strange Occult Photo Two Women With A Ghost Behind Them

Ghost image in vintage photo | Dale O'Dell Digital Art & Photography

Ghost image in vintage photo

The disturbing ghost of Hampton Lillibridge House – Strange Unexplained Mysteries

The disturbing ghost of Hampton Lillibridge House – Strange Unexplained Mysteries

Even if you don't believe in paranormal phenomena like ghosts or Bigfoot, these photos will make you think twice. Catch a glimpse of some spooky pictures.

Glensheen Mansion Ghost