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a snowman is sitting on top of a glass bowl filled with snow and trees
Start A Fire
Fish Bowl Snowman - DIY craft for a beautiful and unique indoor Christmas decoration. ADORABLE! Make a little Christmas scene in each bowl.
a birthday card wrapped in white paper with a red ribbon around it and the words happy birthday carla love claire
blah to TADA!
Cute! Wrap a birthday gift with the person's birthday month page from a calendar. Circle their birthday and wrap!
a card with a snowman wearing a top hat and scarf on it's head
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Handmade Button Snowman Card. Cute! =)
candles made out of sticks and wrapped in twine
Kerzenständer selbermachen
Tie cinnamon sticks around your candles. The heated cinnamon makes your house smell amazing... love this for the holidays..
an image of two paper butterflies with words on them and one has been altered to look like
Pyssla fram våren
Butterfly tag ~ 3 layers of vintage paper ~ book paper, sheet music & a handwritten letter
the letter j is made out of photos and has been placed on the floor for display
Photo Monogram Letter
Sometimes Creative: Photo Monogram Letter
several children's drawings are on display for sale
Creatief denken maakt kunst!. Foto geplaatst door suryabron op
Great, simple, accessible idea for painting and drawing that anyone can do.
three black and white trees are hanging on the wall next to each other, one is made out of an old book
I WILL make this:) A great craft idea made with type print and shoe box lids (the site is in Spanish but the pictures detailing all the steps are easy to follow)
a person using a paint brush to create a rainbow - hued design on a piece of paper
Back To School DIY: Melted Crayons on Canvas
melting crayon art
two pens are sitting next to a light bulb with flowers on it and one is pink
DIY Crafts To Spice Up Your Dorm Room
Draw on a light bulb with a Sharpie and it will decorate the walls with your designs.
a bunch of different colored and shaped magnets on a tile counter top with white squares in the middle
Another pinner said: I cannot believe how easy This is and how much I've seen these sold for at craft shows! This is my new favorite b-day gift for friends. :)
a bottle of jack daniels whiskey sitting on top of a sink
10 Original and Quick to Make DIY Home Decoration Ideas 9 | Diy Crafts Projects & Home Design