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the best place to put your router according to physics is on top of an apple computer
Here's the best place to put your router.
an info poster showing the different types of aircrafts in each country, and how they are
MIS 2013
MIS 2013. Measuring the cost and affordability of broadband
an electronic device with wifi and cell phones connected to it, along with other devices
Monitoring Wireless Internet Activity: Important Considerations -
a screen shot of a map with the words begin test on it and an arrow pointing up
Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test
many wires are connected to each other with colored lights on them in the dark background
A rant about high Sky subscriptions and the serious lack of Fibre Optic infrastructure in the UK.
an info sheet with several different types of text and numbers on the bottom right hand corner
Google Fiber’s Worldwide Roll Out | Daily Infographic
When will Google Fiber take over the world?
a person holding their hand out with the text how to increase wifi speed?
How to Get a Strong Wi-Fi Signal in Every Room of Your House
If you live in a particularly tall or wide house, or one with a complicated layout, then you might have problems with Wi-Fi dead zones where your high-speed wireless broadband connection just can't reach. That can seriously hamper your Netflix binge-watching or Spotify streaming. You don't have to settle for patchy coverage though, and there are several ways in which you can extend the reach of your Wi-Fi.
two yellow wires connected to the back of a router on a wooden table with arabic writing above it
10 simple tips for making your home wifi network faster
10 simple tips for making your home wifi network faster - Vox
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts
What Is Dark Fiber? Winning the Battle of the Bandwidth [Infographic]
he latest technology to be developed for communication data over long distances is fiber optic cables. These highly advanced cables use beams of light to transfer information as quickly as possible. However, there has been a new development in fiber optics recently. Lit fiber has been the standard for many years, but dark fiber is replacing it.