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Artificial intelligence undoubtedly is bringing about a revolution, and the farming industry is on the cusp of that high tech change. Drones, intelligent monitoring systems, and robots are successfully in use in research and field trials related to farming. Now AI is beckoning the next phase of the industrial revolution to the horizon.

Historically, the main issue related to food supply was financial; if you had enough money, then you were able to buy food. But in the future, what happens if there isn't any food available to be purchased?

11 Most Amazing Glass Houses (glass houses, glass house) - ODDEE

Leonardo Glass Cube is a glass-fronted brand pavilion in Bad Driburg, Germany designed by . Designed for the Glaskoch Corporation and completed in May the pavilion is used for informal meetings and corporate hospitality


Atelier Global Wins Competition to Design 'Book City' in Shenzhen, Main entrance from the park. Image Courtesy of Atelier Global