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a diagram of the human skull with different areas labeled in each section and their major functions
Układ chłonny głowy
na podstawie Anatomii Bochenka
two diagrams showing the different muscles and their corresponding structures, including the pectors
an image of the nervous system with labels on each side and labeled in blue text
Corticospinal Tract
the different areas of the human brain
an image of the inside of a human body with all its parts labeled in it
the structure of the human ear
The Forebrain (Organization of the Central Nervous System) Part 2
the structure of the human brain and its major functions, including peripherals, motor systems,
an image of the structure of the human body and its functions in it's structures
제 13 강 뇌 의 청 각
an image of a diagram of the structure of a snail's ear and its parts
PPT - VESTIBULOCOCHLEAR NERVE PowerPoint Presentation, free download - ID:818642
The vestibulocochlear nerve is the 8th cranial nerve and is predominantly a sensory nerve. It is involved with hearing and providing a sense of balance.
the head and neck are labeled with labels on each side, including the main parts of the
Trigeminal nerve anatomy, branches, distribution, function, damage & pain
the anatomy of the head and neck is shown in this diagram, with labels on each side
Facial Nerve Graphic