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a brown leather case with various tools in it and an open tool roll next to it
Bőr kézműves szerszámok Bőrmegmunkáló szerszámkészlet tárolótáskával Bőrfaragó szerszámok Bőr kézműves készítés Vágáshoz Lyukasztás Varrás Bélyegző Bőr szerszámkészlet
Temu kedvező áron jó termékek, új ügyfeleknek az első rendelés ingyenes szállítással
how to make loafer mules with paper and fabric step - by - step instructions
How to Make Loafers
Learn how to make these Loafer shoes, click through to our blog to find out more... I loved this little project, such a simple shoe design and SO quick to make at home! I’ve had this rich purple cow hide leather from GHLeathers for a couple of years and it was perfect to use for this pair.. It was a last-minute decision to have them be open slides instead of fully closed at the back loafers, but I am really glad as it just seems to make them a bit less serious somehow...
How To Make Boots, Cross Body Bag Pattern, Dad Shoe, Leather Tutorial
Строение обуви
DIY Hand Painted Shoes 🌺
With spring just around the corner, I can't help reminiscing about this pair of DIY mules I made in collaboration with @candicegray_textiles 🌺 Candice is a Printed Textile Designer. I’d been following Candice for a while and just really loved how her florals make me feel (calm and happy)! When she agreed to do this collab with us by painting her florals onto a pair of shoes I was thrilled! Want to learn how to paint shoes? Why not read our blog where we go through the full shoemaking process!
How to make a shoe
Making shoes is such a fun and rewarding DIY project, whether you’re looking to create a unique pair of shoes for yourself or start your own shoe-making business. 🌟 While making shoes and boots requires a few basic hand tools and materials, it’s much easier than you’d first think and definitely something that anyone can learn from home, with a little practice and patience! 👡 There’s a simple formula involved in making a pair of shoes from scratch which I thought I’d share with you…
Finding the back height point on shoemaking lasts ✍️
In this tutorial, I’ll share my formula on how to find the back point on your shoemaking lasts. I hope this helps! To get a more detailed introduction to shoemaking, and learn about all the key components and tools needed, sign up to our free intro course. I’ve even thrown in a step-by-step shoemaking tutorial. 🤩 You can sign up for our FREE Introduction to Shoemaking video lesson by clicking the link 🔗
paper sandals are laid out on a white surface
Increíbles máquinas para hacer zapatos de cuero 👞
shoe last diagram The Shoe Last (Practical Handbook for Shoe Designers) Molde, Shoe Last, Shoe Inspiration, Shoe Company
About Shoe Lasts
shoe last diagram The Shoe Last (Practical Handbook for Shoe Designers)
a drawing of the height and width of a guitar case, with measurements for each instrument
Aprende Hacer Carteras De Fieltro Con Moldes Paso A Paso E26