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Alice in wonderland

Alice in wonderland Alice in Prrintland Alice in a tea cup- Alice in Wonderland Collage Print on Vintage Dictionary Bookart art wonderland

Photographer alleges that a tiny squid can be seen hiding in this fucken coral

‘Hydroid Detail taken at Jervis Bay. I have added a note to show that there is a minute squid sheltering within the Coral branch. Squid estimated at in length.’ By Tony Brown

optical illusions

Bâtiment (Building) Installation, by Leandro Erlich, gives visitors a chance to “climb” a building like a superhero. A large vertical mirror reflects a horizontal building facade. Visitors are encouraged to scale and jump around the facade.

Optical Illusion

Can you see the hidden face amongst the forest? there is a cute face in between the tree Tags: Hidden , Forest , Face , Tree

Optical-illusion...(note: example to show my art students)

Take a look at this amazing Yet another Impossible Structure Illusion illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind bending images and videos.