Easy DIY art project to do in the summer!!!

25 Beautiful Colorful Watercolor paintings

Another crayon art design on canvas Colorful tree! Use crayons and hair drier to melt the crayons and make them splatter to make the leaves! Use one crayon at a time and hold them over the canvas.

The different types of weather vocabulary list using pictures and examples of how to use in a sentence English lesson

English vocabulary: different types of weather. For classroom activity, give kids a mini pack of weather cards. play sounds or show other pics asaociated with one of the weathers. Kids can hold up the correct card to match the correct term to the weather.

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To teach months of the year, holidays and the continuity of time. May also include seasons by outlining the circle in different colors, such as orange for the fall months.


ročné obdobia a počasie v nich


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