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Bill Tench as Batou from Ghost in The Shell Art by DisAintJohn
Animation, Portrait, Art, Fantasy Creatures, Black And Grey Tattoos
Batou by guladigh on DeviantArt
2d, Zombies, Fictional Characters, Woman, Fighter
The Incredible Art Of The Ghost In The Shell Movie
Vogue, Action, Cosplay, Figurine, Marvel, Ghost In The Shell, Anime Merchandise, Nendoroid
figma Motoko Kusanagi: Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. Ver. (Re-run)
Manga Anime, Manga Drawing, Manga Art, Cyber, Masamune Shirow, Kunst
Manga Comics, Kawaii, Motoko Kusanagi
Which Female Anime Character Are You?
Japanese Film, Sci Fi, Fan Art, Punk, Pie, Studio Ghibli, Humour, Legos
Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie Blu-ray Review
Fandom, Tattoo
Anime Girl, Hero, Anime Comics, Animé
El director Kenji Kamiyama menciona buenas noticias para el Anime Ghost in the Shell.
Science Fiction, People
ghost in the shell wallpaper by edma2 on DeviantArt