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an overhead view of a train station in black and white
Marco de acero simétrico bajo un puente sobre el río Támesis en Londres. | Foto Premium
two bridges that are connected to each other in the snow at night, with lights shining on them
17 Photographs That Display Perfect Symmetry
an empty train car with seats and lights
Δ Underground Δ
two black men facing each other with their faces touching one another's foreheads
Intense colours by Julia Noni
an open book with a pen sticking out of it
27 Effective Photographic Uses of Symmetry
an old stone building with three trees in the background
Troubling Symmetry: Photo Manipulations by Gustav Willeit | Inspiration Grid
a person walking down a long hallway with lights on either side of the walkway and ceiling
Instagram Tips From Top Photographers
an image of a man walking through a tunnel with the words voge on it
Inside of a frame by Kenji Kikuchi
an image of a large flower that is in the middle of it's petals