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an image of a book cover that is covered in paper and stickers with the words mmmm's book written on it
Bohème Circus
one of my favourites, Bohème Circus
an assortment of blue and white items displayed on a wall
Karin Meyn styling via Residence magazine
the wall is covered with many different things
* irideeën *
* irideeën * moodboard
a collage of different color swatches, papers, and other items on a wall
CNY Home Renovations Inc.
pretty mood board
an assortment of items are displayed in a wooden box with blue and white designs on it
Kelly Wearstler’s Rhapsody
there are many cards hanging on the wall with clothes pins attached to them and flowers in vases
Neutrals, Greens, Amber, Lavender and Chartreuse — decor8
Great moodboard, great colours