Misa Charlotte

Misa Charlotte

Boston / Hey, my name is Misa Charlotte. Call me Misa- everyone does.
Misa Charlotte
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Which Pop-Punk Guy Should You Actually Be With

I got Gerard Way! Which Pop-Punk Guy Should You Actually Be With? I don't actually believe these things, but it's pretty freakin' cool that I got Gerard!

Ebben a könyvben olvashattok mindent,ami a My Chemical Romance zeneka… #nonfiction #Non-Fiction #amreading #books #wattpad

“ My Chemical Romance - Helena (May Death Never Stop You Edition) ”

Mikey in the back, being sexy as fuck

gifs my gifs gerard way mikey way my chemical romance PARADE the black parade is dead

My Chemical Romance // i'm really confused what is this

They don't hate Ray but he did wake them up early a bit. He was so dedicated to the band and the other members well being he was almost like a father.