Mishi Cooper
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https://flic.kr/p/CiqCjU | PVZ Michael Jackson

Ferrari - 1962

Peter Ilmrud built a micro castle inside an IKEA glass dome. The stylish castle resides over a river and includes an adjacent village with a church. For such a small model constrained by the glass dome the MOC features a lot of details.

My younger daughter's favourite car of my collection. As many builders I've started with a brilliant model from lichtblau, adapting it to Friends dolls (and adding the doors - the main requirement of my daughter), but I haven't liked its proportions and too vintage look. I wanted something more modern and sporty, so I've started the MOC from the scratch. The car is 6 studs wide, as it fits best to its dimensions in comparision with the previous shown Mustang and other cars, a...

We are four girls with a penchant for the best in life. As a result, you'll find here an array "of.