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a light that is on top of a chair with a sheet of paper in front of it
Manuales y Libros de Fotografía Profesional – Mi propia experiencia – Manuales y Cursos de Fotografía Profesional
a tall glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a black table next to a bottle
Account Suspended
Red Wine wallpaper puzzle 2
two wine glasses sitting next to each other on a black surface with reflections in the water
by Aleksey Morozov / 500px
by Aleksey Morozov on 500px
a man with a backpack is jumping in the air while holding an umbrella over his head
What’s trending: women’s street style for fall/winter 2017 | Fashion Eye
California is known for lots of things. But Coachella is up there among the leading five things individuals flock to California for. Throughout the years, the music festival has gotten reputation as a location to be seen in. #womensstreetstyle
black and white photograph of a person standing in a room with sunlight coming through the window
* by Mecuro B Cotto / 500px
“My sun sets to rise again.” ― Elizabeth Barrett Browning Model - Olenka | made in Lviv by Mecuro B Cotto on 500px
a woman wearing glasses in the dark
#ISawYouSawWeSawWarsaw #OPIEuroCentrale
Академия смерти » Deadly Class Films, People, Portrait, Portraits, Man Smoking, Men Smoking, Men Photography, Male Man, Portrait Photography Men
Академия смерти » Deadly Class
Академия смерти » Deadly Class
a woman standing in front of a wall with the image before and after her photoshopped
Photoshop cc Tutorial: Advance Use of Camera RAW Filter in Photoshop
Photoshop cc Tutorial: Advance Use of Camera RAW Filter in Photoshop - YouTube
a wine glass is shown next to an advertisement for the new year's eve
Flower by SirJumala-Lighting on DeviantArt
My sleeping rhythm is as logical as Darth Vader swimming. So I was up this _morning_ and thought that I could use my time productively and take a blip. Today we'll be shooting some glass objects at...
an aerial view of a highway with the text mind blowing perspective - bending effect in photoshop
MIND-BLOWING Perspective-Bending Effect in Photoshop [EASY Photo Manipulation Tutorial]
In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a perspective-bending effect. The resulting cube Earth will be a similar effect to the photo manipulations that you have seen in the movie Inception and Dr. Strange.
a blue and white poster with the names of different types of boats in each section
Free Photo Editing Tutorials
The Ultimate Adobe CC Photoshop and Lightroom Shortcut Cheat Sheet #photography #postprocessing
a little boy sitting next to a dog holding a guitar
Buzzing Wire Vaguely Song
Buzzing Wire:tumbler
an info sheet showing the different types of water and landforms in each region of the world
Shutter Speed: an overview
Shutter Speed: an overview. Excellent reference point. Print and shove in your camera bag.