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A Cocoa Cola Christmas

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Hesse, Germany 🇩🇪🥶��❄️🤩😍😻
Salzburg Christmas Eve Tour to the Silent Night Chapel


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Funny Christmas
funny Christmas memes & quotes


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@christmasmoviequeen Good morning my sweet elves! 💚🎄❤️ Have a jolly day! ❤️🎅🏻💚 #countdown #christmas #winter #christmascountdown #christmasspirit #christmas2024 #holidays #christmasiscoming #christmasmagic #santa #santaclaus #christmasiscoming #christmasmood #christmasvibes
@christmasmoviequeen Good morning my sweet elves! 💚🎄❤️ Have a jolly day! ❤️🎅🏻💚 #countdown #christmas #winter #christmascountdown #christmasspirit #christmas2024 #holidays #christmasiscoming #christmasmagic #santa #santaclaus #christmasiscoming #christmasmood #christmasvibes
@christmasmoviequeen Good morning my sweet elves! 💚🎄❤️ Have a jolly day! ❤️🎅🏻💚 #countdown #christmas #winter #christmascountdown #christmasspirit #christmas2024 #holidays #christmasiscoming #christmasmagic #santa #santaclaus #christmasiscoming #christmasmood #christmasvibes


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Elf on the Shelf @Caitlin Johnsen- the pictures of his tush on the copier!! LOL!!

Elf On A Shelf

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Gingerbread House - Christmas in Balboa Island, Newport Beach, California
gingerbread village. Looks like a medievel village with look out tower.
Gingerbread House by TheLanghamLondon. Digging on the Cookie Monster cupcake, too. :)

Gingerbread Houses

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Light Displays

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Christmas markets in Salzburg
Christmas Market in the Neumarkt with the Frauenkirche (Church) in the Background Photographic Print by Miles Ertman |


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Santas Across The World

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Maureen O'Hara, Edmund Gwenn, Natalie Wood, and John Payne Miracle on 34th Street 1947 Directed by George Seaton After a divorced New York mother hires a nice old man to play Santa Claus at Macy's, she is startled by his claim to be the genuine article. When his sanity is questioned, a lawyer defends him in court by arguing that he's not mistaken.
Wow 58 years ago! A Charlie Brown Christmas special first aired on Dec 9th 1965 58 years later and it's still loved by so many !


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Here comes Santa ! 🎅
A Christmas Eve story for the kids. (And yes… it’s real 🤣)


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a painting of santa claus sitting in front of a christmas tree and writing on a piece of paper
santa is riding in his sleigh with reindeers and presents on the snow
Happy Holidays
santa claus riding in his sleigh pulled by reindeers through the night sky
Oh oh oh feliz navidad
a santa clause riding in a sleigh with his reindeer
a painting of santa claus in the snow with his reindeers and birds around him
Quilt fabric, Largest selection of quilting fabrics- Free Quilt Patterns
a painting of santa claus and two children holding presents in front of a snowy village
there is a santa clause on the truck with presents in his hand and hands up
a painting of santa claus baking in the kitchen
a painting of santa and mrs claus sitting at a table in front of a christmas tree
santa and mrs claus riding on a white horse in front of a christmas tree with lights
CHRISTMAS/FALL LOVER #zorafiapple #christmas #zorafi #zorafi1 #zorafi02 #fashionaddictzorafi
a painting of santa and mrs claus in front of a christmas tree
a painting of santa claus carrying presents in the snow with christmas trees and lights behind him
a santa claus sleigh flying over a snowy landscape with christmas trees and houses
Christmas Santa & More Dad's way of asking for £3 HELP with his Electric Wheelchair Fundraiser
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santa claus and his reindeers are in front of a christmas tree with presents on it