I'm always thinking of ways to make math fun and creative in my classroom! Maybe if teachers had let me eat while I learned, I would've liked math! lol :)

Spider math - fact families and counting. What a nice introduction to mind maps at a really young age.

Sea Shell Number Sequence Puzzle ... I love making these and the children love them too!!

or Kindergarten Sea Shell Number Sequence Puzzle - Pinned by – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Sviluppo del pensiero ipotetico, del comportamento comparativo e della trasposizione visiva, funzioni cognitive di #feuerstein. #sviluppocognitivo Impara ad imparare.

Make these for a small group center. Can be repeated addition, multiplication, division, or basic subtraction.

drawing - quick Draw - teaching drawing - Desenho - desenho simples - desenho rápido.

koala tekenen met kleuters, stap voor stapmake a flip book that says I'm turning 19 and then the 19 becomes a koala. I'm turning into a koala.

Craft sticks with magnet strips - great for creating groups of ten!

"busy bags" I absolutely loved this one. These are jumbo craft sticks with magnet strips glued on. Then get some jumbo colored paper clips. They can sort colors or make any kinds of patterns with the paper clips.

Számvető 1.osztály - Kiss Virág - Picasa Webalbumok

Számvető 1.osztály - Kiss Virág - Picasa Webalbumok

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Mathematical coloring pages For beginners We ordered the tasks with increasing level of difficulty. For absolute beginners you could use the colored pattern.