Misi Olman

Misi Olman

Fasza minden!!??Elégedett vagyok mindennel!!!Ennél jobb még sose volt!
Misi Olman
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scanned from a movie-magazine and couldn't find it on DA, so I wanted to upload it ^^° only did contrast and stuff. picture does not belong to me Predators 2010

Predator the Candy man by cantas78 on deviantART

Predator the Candy man a new painting of a new predator - paint in photoshop and what can i say more.love the scene on predator 2 ---do you want some. Predator the Candy man

toby-o-hara-pose3-postcrit.jpg (1920×2818)

I did a redesign of the Predator during a workshop with Josh Herman at the Concept Art Workshop. This is one of my final renders. I wanted show him in a more futuristic and evolved state. All modeling was done in Zbrush (no retopology).

Pose - Render - Background - Skin Realistic Texture - Other modifications - Photoshop-Edited and effects by: Me Hi Friends, please to use my art, you will .

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