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Vivien Varga

szeretek olvasni.NAGYON:) Nyitott vagyok bármilyen ifjú szerző írását elolvasni és ha kéri kommentálom is. Csak küldje el üzibe:) Tahók és egyéb hozzájuk has
Vivien Varga
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Teach Me, Senpai <<< They set the paper on fire above his hand... You can tell because on the left side, it goes over the edge of the paper.

This Is just an awesome picture but who catches there picture on fire? I mean seriously, what if it burnt up too fast and all of there hard work on there picture was gone

Zero!!! <3 sorry Kaname, but I reeeally don't like you. Team Zero!

Day 7 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge: Favorite Anime Crush - Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight. I don't know why but I am really attracted to any guy with gray hair and purple eyes. And this boy wins overall. He is too beautiful and totally deserved Yuki.

anime girl

Tags: "brown hair" "green eyes" "jewelry" "long hair" "sakura" "seifuku" "tie" "tree" Source: "The Idolm Cinderella Girls" Characters: "Shibuya Rin" Artist: "Coffee Kizoku"