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a painting is being made with flowers and leaves on the table next to a brush
Becky’s marvelous mosaic garden
Create a garden in mosaic Beautiful garden art pieces are traditionally made of mosaic and ceramic tiles. Nowadays, by using broken china, art glass, glass jewels, recycled mirror, stones, shells and other found objects, the mosaic artist has the
a mosaic painting with red flowers on it
Портфолио | Купить мозайку под заказ? Легко! с «АРТМОНУМЕНТ»
Мозаичная картина
a red vase filled with pink flowers sitting on top of a tiled counter next to a wall
Портфолио | Купить мозайку под заказ? Легко! с «АРТМОНУМЕНТ»
мозаичная картина Орхидея в вазе
a painting of blue and yellow flowers in a vase on a mosaic tile countertop
Портфолио | Купить мозайку под заказ? Легко! с «АРТМОНУМЕНТ»
Мозаичная картина
a mosaic on the side of a building with an image of a sailboat in it
Falkuša by Lith
amazing stone mosaic
an advertisement for a kitchen with colorful tiles
LOVE this mosaic backsplash made by Mercury Mosaics. It was inspired by German artist, Hundertwasser.
a living room with a fire place in the center and lots of decorations on the walls
Mosaic fireplace
a fireplace decorated with flowers and grass
mosaic fireplace
a fireplace with flowers painted on it and blue tiles around the fire place, along with other items
Mosaic Fireplace Surround/Dogwood and Irises
Love the mosaic fireplace project
a mirror that is hanging on the wall
Pretty mosaic mirror
some white flowers are in front of a blue mosaic tile wall and there is no image on it
white tulips.mosaic
a red door is in front of a stone building with plants growing on the side
Garden Flat Wisteria Two
Wall Mosaic