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Müller Emília

Müller Emília
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A glass violin. I couldn't decide whether I liked it more with the flash or without, so I'm posting both.    Here's with the flash...

This particular instrument appears to be made of glass. When I played my viola, the instrument and the music emanating from it seemed to take on a life of its own. <--- Thats what the last person said, I completely agree, but I play the violin

Learn how to play the violin

Guitars And How To Learn To Play One Well. Guitars are beloved just about everywhere in the world. Virtually all cultures incorporate guitar into their music. If you want to become a guitar player,

4/4 size violin Professional grade, 5 string electric violin......it's basically like a viola and a violin mixed together!

inventurer: “ “ “ “ size violin Professional grade, 5 string electric violin ” I want to play that really bad. I use to play a reg one but this one is so.

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