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Soulon horse. It is closely related to Nisean horses. The T’ang dynasty in China becomes obsessed with Persian great horses and polo. Palominos and spotted horses are given imperial blessings. The breed is called either T’ien ma (Heavenly Horse) or Soulon (i.e., Sulong, Vegetarian Dragon), and gait is encouraged because neither stirrups nor scalae are available.

The Soulon horse is closely related to the Nisean horse, T’ang dynasty in China became obsessed with Persian horses and polo

Tang Dynasty - Green base, zancai glazed horse

Imperial Ferghana horse, sturdy body and leg are generally breed for their speed and endurance. In the Han dynasty, Ferghana horses are labeled as "Flying Horse".

Tang Dynasty horse statute

Black and polychrome glazed horse, Tang dynasty excavated in 1972 from a tomb in Guanlin, Luoyang, Henan Province. @ National Museum of China

Horse Chinese, Tang dynasty, Early 8th century | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Ceramic horse China, Tang dynasty, early century Earthenware tomb figure with three-color glaze and applied motifs (via Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)