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a drawing of a naked woman laying on the ground with two birds perched on her back
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
Gerard ter Borch the Elder (1583–1662) Allegory of summer.(circa 1626, National Museum in Warsaw)
a painting of a man holding an apple in his right hand and standing next to a tree
an image of a painting with people and animals in the background, including a man holding scissors
a painting of a naked man standing in front of a tree with fruit on it
a painting with animals and other things on it
Georg (Joris) Hoefnagel - Allegory of Winter (1589)
a painting of two women with flowers on their head and one holding the other's arm
Abraham Janssens
L'art magique: Abraham Janssens Iconographically the voluptuous female in this Allegory of Spring appears to be a combination of two goddesses, Venus and Flora. The ancient Italian goddess of flowers, Flora was the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Chloris, wife of Zephyr, the west wind of springtime, who begets flowers. The depiction here corresponds quite closely to the description given in Cesare Ripa’s Iconologia of 1603.
an image of a man with flowers on his head standing in front of a painting
an antique illustration of cupidus surrounded by angels in the sky, with other figures
Autumn by Page
a drawing of a naked man sitting on the ground next to a barrel and grapes
Herfst: Bacchus en de druivenoogst, anonymous, after Lambert Lombard, 1568 - Rijksmuseum
"Autumn" by Anonymous, Hieronymus Cock, 1568
an old drawing of a man kneeling down next to a tree
Zomer: Ceres met een hoorn des overvloeds, anonymous, after Lambert Lombard, 1568 - Rijksmuseum
"Summer" by Lambert Lombard, Anonymous, Hieronymus Cock, 1568
an old drawing of people in a room
Lambert Lombard | Winter: een koning met de vier winden, Lambert Lombard, Anonymous, Hieronymus Cock, 1568 | Voorstelling van de winter in een serie met de vier seizoenen. Een koning met een Januskop en scepter en kroon zit op een stenen muur. Achter hem zijn kinderen aan het schaatsen. In de wolken symboliseren vier hoofdjes die lucht uitblazen de vier winden. De koning is een mengeling uit de god van de maand januari Janus en de god van de vier winden Aeolus. Onder de voorstelling een Lati...
a painting with many different people on it
Winter - Wikipedia
Allegory of Winter by Jerzy Siemiginowski-Eleuter with Aeolus' Kingdom of the Winds, 1683, Wilanów Palace
an image of a painting with many people on it's sides and one person standing in the middle
Jerzy Siemiginowski-Eleuter - Wikipedia
Jerzy Siemiginowski-Eleuter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia