hungarian flower designs these are so retro inspirational. I think I will do some embroidery with these

Hungarian folkwear - tell me where to buy this, Amazon! Don't hide it!

Hungarian folkwear - tell me where to buy this, Amazon! Don't hide it!

Székely-Hungarian Rovás, which are also known as Hungarian Runes, are thought to have descended from the Turkic script (Kök Turki) used in Central Asia, though some scholars believe the Székely-Hungarian Rovás pre-date the Turkic script. Read more on this here: - This poster is created by

Székely-Hungarian Rovás (Hungarian Runes) were used to write Hungarian up till the in some areas of Hungary.


The cifraszűr, or decorated long sleeve cloak of Hungarian sheperds, wealth embroidered by special kind of stitches

Girls wearing their costumes   Kazár, Nógrád County   Károly Kofán Hungary

Hungarian regional folk costumes from Sióagrád - handpleated, full petticoats underneath, and headdress traditionally hand sewn with exquisite detail

Magyar népi motívumok - Magyar motívumok - Világbiztonság, Somogyi minta, Hungarian folk art, flowers, motifs

Hungarian embroidery tulip pattern (Possible tattoo idea .

Magyar motívumok - Magyar motívumok - Világbiztonság

This Trypillian egg has a repeated wolf on each of the four quadrants. Instead of free-hand drawing each one you can trace and transfer the image to each of the four sections, using one traced.