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Unsplash / Drew Coffman A lot of women dream of having the perfect wedding, but as we know, things don’t always go as planned.

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Blowing at flower petals photo by Ethan Robertson ( on Unsplash

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How the rich made it to the top! Read my new article and learn about success and the rich people!

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Traveling with kids.just kidding! Stress free traveling may be the plan but things don't always go to plan. Here are eight tips to help make traveling with a family just that little bit easier!

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A 7 leggyakoribb ok, amiért félrelép egy férfi – Párkapcsolati coach & mediátor

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People are willing to do some crazy things to look a few years younger. Maleficent literally put Sleeping Beauty into a coma because she wanted to be fairest of them all. Today, there's everything from vinotherapy to at-home injections — all for the …

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The Law of Attraction has something to say about karma: that is, we get what we give. When we are negative or ego-driven, our life will be a reflection of that:

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5 Quick Fixes For Your General Social Anxiety

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Don't Forget your Spouse: 6 Tips for Focusing on Your Marriage When You Have Kids - Relationships

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This article is about second chances in a practical way. After reading you will get inspired on motivational achievement and personal leadership.