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a glass of wine sitting in the middle of straw bales with a red string hanging from it
Drops of wine .. of course from Mokos Winery :)
several people are holding wine glasses in their hands and toasting them with each other
Cheers! - Egészség!
a close up of a wine glass with a building in the background and words on it
Premium Quality Red Wine from Mokos Winery
several bottles and glasses of wine sitting on top of a barrel
Wine Wine Wine
two glasses of wine sitting on top of a red table cloth covered table with grass and trees in the background
Two Glass of Excellence at Mokos Winery - Két pohár tökéletesség a Mokos Pincészetnél
a glass of wine sitting on top of a wooden table in front of some trees
Fruit Wines from Mokos Winery - Mokos Pincészet Gyümölcsborai
several wine corks are stacked together in a pile with the words mcros on them
Mokos Cork