My uncle always had one of these on top of his little Charlie Brown spider tree.

Not hard to remember - my first large tree was decorated with many Shiny Brites - my first tree top ornament was a red and silver, Shiny Brite, Victorian-style Nativity Star. There are still many Shiny Brites in my collection.

45 rpm Spindle Inserts. Not being able to find one, grrr.

45 rpm Spindle Inserts (10 Pack)

records had a large hole in the middle. And you couldn't play your 45 rpm records without those little yellow plastic inserts.

Le palais vintage More

Vintage Style Photography Features - A Beautiful Model Posing in Front of a Vintage Pickup Truck and Vintage Texaco Sign .

I hated this stuff! I remember my parents waiting until I had gone to sleep to try and put it on me, but I always woke up. That SMELL!

My mom would smear this all over my chest if I had a cold, and then put the heating pad over it with a soft towel.

Texaco Gasoline Pinup Girl Metal Sign USA Made Auto Car Gas Oil Hot Rod Garage Art Wall Decor LS270 by HomeDecorGarageArt on Etsy

Texaco Gasoline Pinup Girl Metal Sign USA Made, 3 Sizes, Auto Car Gas Oil Hot Rod Garage Art Wall Decor SM PS

PRODUCT SPECIFICS: Texaco Gasoline Pinup Girl from the Steve McDonald licensed collection, this Sign is hand made in the USA using heavy gauge american steel. 14 x 14 inches 23 x 23 inches DESCRIPTION: Hand Made in the United States using the highest

Bubblicious it was all about the watermelon, cotton candy, and the blue raspberry

I love the cotton candy bubblegum bubbleicious. It tastes a little like cotton candy and then tastes like regular bubble gum!


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