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She dreams of a life filled with ease and space, where she can live each day the way she wants to. She's boldly going after this, but it might still feel a little forbidden to "want that much" Bed, window, sun shining through.

Jose Luis Lopez Galvan a bit of a macabre painting showing a human hand being studies by rabbits.

This is Jose Luis Lopez Galvan's bunny filled tribute to Rembrandt's " Lezione di anatomia del dottor ".

Fantastic old photo: Alice and the doormouse

Source: Billy Rose Theatre Collection photograph file / Productions / Alice in Wonderland Location: The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts / Billy Rose Theatre Division Catalog Call Number: *T PHO A Digital ID: 58974 Record ID: 145697

Rubis Firenos

Featured Artist Rubis Firenos Rubis is a French artist who uses several techniques to create beautiful pictures of fantastic creatures.

Rubis Firenos

This Kirin was done for a convention and sold . Was a lot of works on the inking part, I think i will update this with a video when I will have time for. The Kirin O Ka Fee